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The story is about Ash. An ordinary girl who takes a journey through a mysterious spirit world filled with strange creatures. Ash must find her way back home...before something else finds her. This game is a canon prequel to one of my previous games 'My Big Sister' which will tell the story of the events that led to the red witch. 

I also have plans to include some alternate endings to the game as wells as a few secret ones. 

The game will feature:

  • A unique and thrilling story!
  • New and exciting characters! As well as some returning characters from my previous games.
  • Adventure like puzzles throughout the game to help keep your mind at its wits.
  • Extra character dialogue options to delve into some of the lore surrounding the game's universe.
  • Mini-Games!
  • An Original Soundtrack + Remixed Soundtrack.
  • Achievements + Trophies! As well as an in-game trophy system.  

If you would like to help support this project, check out the kickstarter here:

Ashina: The Red Witch Kickstarter

The reason I started this kick starter is to help financially support me and my family whilst I develop the project. I'm a full-time game developer and I do absolutely everything myself, from programming and artwork to story and music. I occasionally receive help when it comes to testing or grammar checking (As I tend to miss quite a few things while I program). 

But my stories are made for the fans and players. I love to share them with everyone! 

With the extra funding, I will be able to make a longer game with much more content than my previous titles. I also hope to add a few new mechanics as well as some mini-games and extensive puzzles 

Download demo

AshinaPrologue_v1.2.zip 42 MB

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Ashina the Red Witch builds upon the rich lore of My Big Sister with humorous characters, a mysterious afterlife setting, and beautiful pixel art.  After playing the prologue demo, I backed the game on Kickstarter and I cannot wait until the full release.  Link to my full review below:

McGee TV Video Review for Ashina the Red Witch Prologue Demo

Fun, cute, creepy cast of characters, a ton of references to Stranga's catalog of games, and a bunch of funny moments.
If you liked My Big Sister be sure to check out this prequel featuring The Red Witch before her lust for legs took over.