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This page needs to be updated…

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Can i test the game in a viedeo for free



on the store page it states that this game is not available for Linux but you said it was ported to Ubuntu already and there is a SteamOS version available at Steam. I would prefer to buy this game on rather than another store. So will the Linux version be available on too? You would make at least one little penguin happy if you do ;)




Hey thanks for your post! We can take care of that soon for you hopefully if things work out as planned. We can have a look at possibly putting in the next update.


Awesome! *readying my wallet to throw money at you*

will this be coming to mac?

Sorry about the lateness of my response but weare looking into it at the moment we have ported a version to Ubuntu so it shouldnt belong before mac porting

Interesting gameplay mixed with tense moments - becomes frustrating at times, but only in the "trial-and-error-this-is-a-roguelike-suck-it-up" kinda way. Very satisfying to figure out the patterns and get away with all the loot ;)


Great video! Just a heads up, we have updated quite a bit to include more tools, more NPCs, more AI behaviors, and Local Co-op.

Hey! Thanks for watching and thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely check it out! :D


I bought the game today.

Meanwhile it's available in early access on steam i cannot download it from here.

I wonder why.

Sorry. I just should have been a little more patient. :)

Hey no problem sorry about the delay


So, mind telling us when the game will be downloadable?

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We apologize about the delay and we are actually waiting on steam so we can release the full game on both sites at the same time. Steam are having problems which is preventing the early access game to be uploaded.

We apologize again and thank all of you for your patience.

Gotcha. Thank you for the quick reply and for clearing it up.

Not a problem. :-)