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Welcome to Ash Pines!

A great vacation spot among the pine trees! Play  as Mark Sullivan after  he receives a mysterious letter drawing back to his childhood town of Ash Pines. Solve puzzles, discover clues and try to survive against a monster unlike any other. 

But beware...

It could show up at any time and in any place...

So try the demo!  What  are you waiting for? Halloween? 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorStranga Games
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withAseprite, Adventure Game Studio
Tags16-bit, 2D, Halloween, Horror, Pixel Art, Top Down Adventure


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Is this still in development?

This was only a proof of concept. I may return to it sometime in the future but I'm currently knees deep in a bunch of other games at the moment.


(Sorry for my bad english) Hello Stranga Games, i just wanted to say that i love Ash Pines and i cant wait for the full release. But i have a question  is Ash pines a prequal or a sequal to Just Ignore them?

Hello, thank you for playing and enjoying the demo! Ash Pines was set to be a sequel to Just Ignore Them but it was put on hold because of my other projects, it initially was designed for a Game Jam that I had run out of time for.  If you're looking for a true sequel, check out "Just Ignore Them: Brea's Story". Part 1 will be releasing tomorrow on both Game Jolt and on itch.io :) 

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Hello Stranga Games, my name is Bruno, I do gameplays for Indies games on YouTube, I'm from Brazil, the project "Ash Pines" is very good, I really enjoyed playing the game, congratulations for the project.

Subscribe there on the channel to support.

Gameplay Link


Fun game, took me a few attempts; he liked to trap me in the pool. Liked the pixel art style, it felt more unique than similar games. Can't wait to see your full game.

Thanks for playing, I have an updated version of the demo, it has some tweaks to the art and story as well as some minor improvements. :)


Without a doubt an excellent game, with great potential. I felt a good Silent Hill vibe here. Congratulations on your game.


Thank you for the kind words and the video! Checking out now :) 


enjoyable game only got stuck twice lol 


Awesome video! Thanks for playing :) 

always a pleasure 


I fell for that bloodied hole in the wall again,,,,,, damn it you do it all of your games lol  puzzles are not hold your hand which I like dying a lot well that goes with the territory  ill be posting gameplay shortly on my humble channel  

I like making more challenging games! Glad you're enjoying it and can't wait to see the video! :)

the demo was great! I was surprised by the devil kinda thing because it pops up on a random thing. in terms of the puzzle element of the game, some of them are pretty obvious, some of them are not so obvious. so  I have to rack my brain on some of them. I had some issues but it was just a minor one. the dialog box was on the way but I "fixed" by interacting with some objects in the game. 

I am excited for the final release of the game. Goodluck to you developer/s and more power to this game. 


Thank you for playing!  The dialog box I can easily fix , no worries :)  The puzzle elements were all supposed to be completely random as I was trying to make a game with a built in randomizer  from scratch but had to pull it back due to  the release being so close and it wasn't finished. 
But I'm Really glad you enjoyed it :)