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Is this still in development?

This was only a proof of concept. I may return to it sometime in the future but I'm currently knees deep in a bunch of other games at the moment.


(Sorry for my bad english) Hello Stranga Games, i just wanted to say that i love Ash Pines and i cant wait for the full release. But i have a question  is Ash pines a prequal or a sequal to Just Ignore them?

Hello, thank you for playing and enjoying the demo! Ash Pines was set to be a sequel to Just Ignore Them but it was put on hold because of my other projects, it initially was designed for a Game Jam that I had run out of time for.  If you're looking for a true sequel, check out "Just Ignore Them: Brea's Story". Part 1 will be releasing tomorrow on both Game Jolt and on :) 

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Hello Stranga Games, my name is Bruno, I do gameplays for Indies games on YouTube, I'm from Brazil, the project "Ash Pines" is very good, I really enjoyed playing the game, congratulations for the project.

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Gameplay Link


Fun game, took me a few attempts; he liked to trap me in the pool. Liked the pixel art style, it felt more unique than similar games. Can't wait to see your full game.

Thanks for playing, I have an updated version of the demo, it has some tweaks to the art and story as well as some minor improvements. :)


Without a doubt an excellent game, with great potential. I felt a good Silent Hill vibe here. Congratulations on your game.


Thank you for the kind words and the video! Checking out now :) 


enjoyable game only got stuck twice lol 


Awesome video! Thanks for playing :) 

always a pleasure 


I fell for that bloodied hole in the wall again,,,,,, damn it you do it all of your games lol  puzzles are not hold your hand which I like dying a lot well that goes with the territory  ill be posting gameplay shortly on my humble channel  

I like making more challenging games! Glad you're enjoying it and can't wait to see the video! :)

the demo was great! I was surprised by the devil kinda thing because it pops up on a random thing. in terms of the puzzle element of the game, some of them are pretty obvious, some of them are not so obvious. so  I have to rack my brain on some of them. I had some issues but it was just a minor one. the dialog box was on the way but I "fixed" by interacting with some objects in the game. 

I am excited for the final release of the game. Goodluck to you developer/s and more power to this game. 


Thank you for playing!  The dialog box I can easily fix , no worries :)  The puzzle elements were all supposed to be completely random as I was trying to make a game with a built in randomizer  from scratch but had to pull it back due to  the release being so close and it wasn't finished. 
But I'm Really glad you enjoyed it :)