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On her way to cover the biggest story of her career, Brea Tena fumbles her way into a dark mysterious town called Ash Pines, the birth place of the tragic events that took place in Just Ignore Them.

Brea's Story is a prequel to my previous game Just Ignore Them, taking place right before her interaction's with Mark.

This adventure game is heavily stylized after Hideo Kojima's classic title Snatcher and Snatcher SD, combining the two elements together to give you a more unique experience.


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Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this story you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Just Ignore Them: Brea's Story [Tape 1] v1.8 64 MB

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Brea's Story - DEMO 62 MB

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What kind of languages are supported?


And more coming :) 
(Can't exactly say any other just yet as I have to wait to see who's available to translate )

That's great! I hope red bow、 Welcome to Ash Pines and the game's prequels Just Ignore Them all support Chinese!

Chinese players love your game! Before red Bow seemed to be impossible to experience without Chinese for some technical reasons.  

That's great! I am working on a remastered version of "My Big Sister" and will be translated to Chinese also, just will take some time to work on it is all.

That would be great!  But when I played Brea's Story, THE Chinese translation had a lot of text that didn't fit our Chinese context, kind of like Google Translate, hoping for a better localized translation to understand the Story of the game  

My apologies about the translation, I didn't do it myself nor did I organize it, my publisher did "GrabTheGames". You will have to pass on your feedback to them so they can help fix any errors you may have come across.

Show post...

great jobs 

Solid demo! Plan on going through some of your projects :)

Full Demo No Commentary 

Awesome! Thanks for playing, looking forward to seeing more :) 

I played Ash Pines and really liked what I saw. When I found out that this game had a relationship with Ash Pines, I came right away to try it and it's still at the same level: really good. It would be cool if the sequel to this one was remastered to the pixel art style you're doing today. It would be really good. Congratulations on your game man.

Thank you very much for playing it! My plan is to remake Just Ignore Them but I want to do it right so it's being planned very carefully so it will be sometime before I can show off anything but it'll be worth the wait :) 

Hi there! I would love to see you participate in my Game Jam.