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Is it an RPG maker or another engine?

it was made in a game engine called Adventure Game Studio 

Thank you!

Please Just ignore them 2

Only played the demo but I enjoyed it and will definitely check out the full release at some point. Nice art and fun to play, neat job!

Is there any possibility of the game being made available to mobile?

I have been looking into that. According to the engine forums there is a way! But, it requires another app to play the game. I'll look into this more.

OMG!!! Thank you!❤

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Awesome game !!

In the beginning I downloaded the game for free on download sites for free, it happens that I did not even finish buying, I love foreplay inides games but I never buy because most I only give feedback to help him, but this one, without words, Perfect game, I do not even understand why the game is not at the level of undertale or other indie games, sorry my English is that I am Brazilian and do not know much English, and I found only a problem in the game, should have more endings, I do not think I'm going to have a final game, so Dave, instead of standing there, drank something to become one of the monsters, or some final Dave foje himself or also in what general he sees the monsters, this depending on the actions that the player takes in the game, making it perfect, without words one of the best games that I played and I have to say to thank a channel on Youtube as already ja Said he is Brazilian too, if cha Ma "Heitor Games" he quoted me for the first time the game, and also gave a great strength to the game because it was a success in his channel!

If you read this thank you ;)
I hope to create a sequel or another game at that level.

If you want the Heitor Games video link here:

Thank you for your comment :) Yes I have seen the video and it was fantastic! I am sorry there are only two endings but I am looking at making a second one...also......That is not the end of Dave...

Thanks for replying, I thought I would not go, lol, but I'm waiting for the second game, I'm sure I'll buy, maybe in the pre-sale if it's not over 50 dollars, I'll wait.

an amazing game 

Thank you :)

I will probably download it but a question, is this a jumpscare game?

I probably wouldn't take it as a jump scare horror. I wrote in a fashion of psychological horror cross American Anime like feel with a 90's thriller style. If that makes sense. The game is supposed to resemble a horror, but I'm not that great at making jump scares. I apologize about that.

Thanks for your help. I'll download it tomorrow when I come home. :)

Loved the demo :) here is my gameplay

Loved the video! Enjoy the full game :) It has released on steam and will be avaliable here soon too :)

I'm glad you told me :) tnx

me podrian decir si va a ser gratis o de pago y si va aser de pago cuanto podria valer aproximadamente... Parece Un Juegazo.

Muchísimas gracias por tu publicación. Será un juego pagado pero puedo decir un juego barato sólo unos pocos dólares. Espero que esto te ayude.

espero que lo pongan en steam en español, lo compraria de inmediato.
He visto tus juegos y me gustan hay otro que me llama la atencion tambien, creo que se llamava Narvas 13, me gustaria en un futuros verlos en steam, ya tengo el mini thief me faltan 2 xD

Será um jogo pago. Só porque estou criando tudo sozinho, até mesmo na trilha sonora da orquestra. O jogo custará muito provavelmente 2-3 USD na liberação.

Sólo quería decir, este juego vendrá en español. Dar la demostración un intento, tiene una traducción española.