Possible Early Alpha testing?

The game is coming near ready to release to early access on steam. I want to know if anyone would be interested in testing the game early? This however, will still be a paid game but you will receive the early access version and full version upon release. If I did decide to release an Alpha version on itch.io it would be unlocked with the base price for the game (which will be $5.99 for full release).

But please give me your opinion on what you'd prefer, try early or wait until early access. Also, any opinions on the look/gameplay of the demo are most welcome :)

P.S This is just a thought for now and I will give everyone a definitive answer coming closer to January.

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I'd love to play this game early! I make YouTube videos and want to start reviewing some early access games (not a big channel but I like the idea of showing people new games) or even just straight up doing a playthrough of it! When can we get some playtime of this?



Thanks for repplying to the post but the early access game is being released via steam tomorrow :)  I hope to release to itch.io by the end of the week for early access too.