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My name is Luzia...and this story isn't about me, but my sister.

Welcome to the My Big Sister itch.io  page!

Play as Luzia in her quest to return home. After Luzia and her older sister, Sombria are abducted by strangers; it is up to Luzia to help her and her sister home. Help Luzia solve puzzles, uncover mysteries find clues and escape the clutches of insanity in this original story adventure game.

New Mechanics

This game will feature new mechanics unlike my last game 'Just Ignore Them'. It will now be played entirely on a keyboard with a new quick inventory system and dialog system. This game is NOT made in RPG Maker, I only stress this because I am constantly asked what engine an I using. The engine is called Adventure Game Studio, and it's free! 

Early Access

The game will be available for Early Access as soon as it's available. I will be releasing the game in chapters on the Main Story as updates until the game is complete. This will give everyone a chance to test and play the game early. The game will also be available on Steam when EA is ready.


The game will soon be available for pre-order here also. Pre-ordering here will also include a Steam Key when My Big Sister is released on Steam and, access to the game's beta when released as well until Early Access is available. This will also be able to help support me while I finish the game.


The demo is FREE! Please try it! And also, let me know what you think in the comments! 

Download demo

My Big Sister - Demo 30 MB

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