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My Big Sister

I guess it's the younger one's responsibility now... · By Stranga Games


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My Big Sister Released on!
My Big Sister has released on for everyone to enjoy! If you encounter any bugs or problems please post a topic here...
My Big Sister Near Completion!
I would just like to inform everyone that I am on the final chapter of My Big Sister! The game is still accessible on Steam as Early Access. However, I will be...
Early Access available on Steam!
I would like to announce the My Big Sister is available on Steam! Get your copy here! My Big Sister Early Access Steam P.S early access will also becoming to it...
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Possible Early Alpha testing?
The game is coming near ready to release to early access on steam. I want to know if anyone would be interested in testing the game early? This however, will st...
Music I'm working on!
Hey everyone, I wanted some opinions for some music I'm working on. Plus, there's a small spoiler here to a new character in the game :) Please Enjoy!...
Getting closer to Early Access!
I am working on the final Early access chapter! Then music, sounds e.c.t. I'm hoping to release the game on early access before xmas...
Is there something more to Luzia?
Here is a small snippet of what's to come. I am currently working on the first beta build which will be available hopefully soon for pre-orders...