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If you were given another chance, would you take it? Or leave it in the hands of a little girl?
Play as Roh, a young girl stuck in a bizarre nightmare of dark and eerie creatures. 


This short game will have you entangled with its story-driven narrative and puzzles as you help Roh find an answer to her place in this strange world. Red Bow is designed to play and feel as a modern top down  Gameboy game with roughly 1 - 2 hours of game play with achievement hunting. 

The game uses an RPG top-down style which consists of finding items, secrets and solving puzzles to progress the story. The game progresses in sequences which are filled with secrets and easter eggs! Find the multiple endings by following clues and your gut!


If you are having problems with the game due to a bug/glitch/error/grammatical mistakes  or would like to share your feedback, you can post it on the official discord server below under the game's subheading. As the developer I want to uphold my dedication to make this game playable for everyone! I am not a miracle worker, but I will do my best at squashing these bugs!

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Red Bow Demo 20 MB


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wanted more as usual :)